Keep Clothing & Household Items Out of Landfills

Recycle Local's textile and small household item recycling programs keep millions of pounds of reusable materials out of our nation's landfills each year. This is not only a win for the environment, but also a huge win for our recycling partners' job programs that employ: Special Needs Individuals, Native Americans and Local businesses & non-profits.

K-12, College and University


Recycle Local works with Schools and their campus community in their recycling and diverting goals by providing strategic targeting throughout their network to identify clothing and textile recycling opportunities.

  • Adding Clothing and Textile Recycling Receptacles in public areas
  • Periodic Seasonal Clothing Fund Drives
  • Coordinate with administrators and recycling committees to do large scale end of semester recycling programs at on campus housing units
  • Support campus wide recycling education efforts

Recycle Local is committed to enhancing the existing recycling goals by supporting and identifying all recycling opportunities.

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