Keep Clothing & Household Items Out of Landfills

Recycle Local's textile and small household item recycling programs keep millions of pounds of reusable materials out of our nation's landfills each year. This is not only a win for the environment, but also a huge win for our recycling partners' job programs that employ: Special Needs Individuals, Native Americans and Local businesses & non-profits.

Free Easy Fundraisers – Shoe Drive

No Hassle. We Deliver. Fully Insured. Just fill up the Truck, we’ll pick it up!

Many teams, groups and organizations need to raise money but they don’t have a lot to spend out of pocket. We are here to help with our Shoe and Clothing fundraisers: a textile or shoe recycling drive. This is an eco-friendly fundraiser that provides the community a convenient way to recycle textiles while students learn about sustainability and making a positive impact on our environment.

Textile recycling drives simply require families to clean out their closets and bring in surplus textiles of all types—clothing, shoes, linens, bedding, and so forth. It doesn’t matter if the items are worn, torn, stained, or in good condition, they can still be recycled. Textiles simply need to be clean and dry.

We Accept Any Type!

Clothing, undergarments, sheets, comforters, blankets, towels, fabric shower curtains, curtains, pillows, stuffed toys, fabric scraps from sewing projects, and more. Even shoes, handbags, hats, scarves, and belts are considered textiles. Contact your textile recycling partner to find out exactly what items are accepted. Remember, items simply need to be clean and dry. Items that are worn, torn, or stained can be recycled.

Lots of things! The items are sorted and graded to find the best way to reuse or recycle them. Many are reused as apparel, either in the United States or for export to other countries.

Check out this list of some of the ways textiles are reused and recycled.

  • Good clothes get reused as good clothes.
  • T-shirts, sheets, towels, and clothing become wiping cloths.
  • Stuffed toys and pillows become car seat stuffing and automobile insulation.
  • Denim becomes home insulation.
  • Shoe soles become paving material.
  • Sweaters and coats become carpet padding.
  • Curtains and drapes become stuffing for pillows, sleeping bags, and animal beds.
  • Wool sweaters and materials become baseball and softball filling.
  • Velvet materials become jewelry box lining.

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No Hassle. We Deliver. Fully Insured. Just Fill Up the Truck, We’ll Pick It Up!