Keep Clothing & Household Items Out of Landfills

Recycle Local's textile and small household item recycling programs keep millions of pounds of reusable materials out of our nation's landfills each year. This is not only a win for the environment, but also a huge win for our recycling partners' job programs that employ: Special Needs Individuals, Native Americans and Local businesses & non-profits.

About Recycle Local

About Recycle Local

Recycle Local is a Native American Minority owned clothing and re-useable household item recycling company.

Our business goal is to provide local jobs for businesses, non-profits and Native American work programs by providing recycling services to:

  • Local Government
  • Waste Management Agencies
  • K-12, Colleges & Universities
  • Churches, Fire Companies & Civic Organizations
  • Local Businesses

Currently 85% of these items are going into our Nations landfills amounting to over 14 million tons annually. It is our Goal to divert these items from our landfills.

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